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Shop address is 1628 secrest shortcut rd

Monroe, Nc 28110

-All appointments start at 12 noon unless otherwise discussed. Please show up on time to your appointment! 


I require artistic freedom in my design process. I'm assuming if you're interested in booking with me, it's because you like my work and the way that I approach my designs. Please make sure that you are open to artistic interpretation and allowing me to come up with the best tattoo possible. With this being said, i absolutely will take your ideas and do what i can to make your tattoo dream come true.


Please make sure you shower before your appointment and don't wear any type of lotion or any other substance that will change the skin. This includes any numbing cream. Numbing cream changes the consistency of the skin and hinders the process. I will not tattoo you if you arrive with numbing creams applied! 


Children are not permitted in the shop and space is limited for guests not getting tattooed. Please come alone unless discussed prior to your appointment! Thank you!


Make sure to eat a good meal prior to your appointment and refrain from drinking alcohol the fews day before and the day of!

Drink lots of water prior to your appointment, being properly hydrated will help your skin and allow for a better end result.


All design work is done per appointment!

With how my schedule is set up, i design the night before and do not stencil until you have arrived and approved the design.

I do not send out designs prior to the appointment!

Any minor changes that need to be made will be made on the spot.

If you do not like your design or feel that major changes need to be made, your appointment will be rescheduled for a later date.


Please feel free to bring a book, headphones or whatever else will make you as comfortable as possible. I do keep it pretty chilly in the studio so feel free to bring a sweatshirt or small blanket to help you keep warm!


It is imperative that you are not sunburnt or have broken skin in the area we are tattooing. I cannot and will not tattoo a sunburned area. If you come into your appointment with a sunburn, you will be rescheduled and required to leave another deposit.

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