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  1. - Leave saniderm on until the next morning

  2. - Take bandage off and wash with warm water and Dial gold antibacterial soap until it is no longer gooey or soapy

  3. - Make sure the area is completely dry ( no soap or ointment) before replacing saniderm

  4. - Cut off excess edges and round corners of sheet. Peel ooff the white paper film first. Apply the middle first or top to bottom, try to remove all air bubbles. Press firmly to assure tightness and slowly peel off the clear backing film. Apply extra layers of sandier if any area is still exposed. Make sure to allow for at least an inch around the edge of the tattoo to give room for it to seep

  5. - Leave that sheet on for 4-5 days. Saniderm is waterproof however there is always a possibility for leaks. If anything is leaking out, that means things can get in. In that case, remove the derm and refer to the classic style of healing for the remainder of the process.

  6. ​It is normal for the saniderm to fill with plasma, ink and blood. This is the bodies way of healing using its natural lubricant. Do not remove the saniderm unless there is excessive leaking or peeling 

  7. When removing, run warm water over the area and slowly peel while pulling down and out at the same time. This may hurt slightly but will not damage your tattoo.

  8. If you experience excessive redness around the saniderm that lasts longer than a couple days, you may be having a slight reaction to the adhesive. This is fairly common and you can always remove the derm if you feel that you're having a reaction! 


  1. Leave the bandage on until the next morning

  2. Take off and wash with warm water and Dial gold antibacterial soap

  3. Repeat washing process 2-3 times a day 

  4. For the first 3 nights after your session, wash and then apply a VERY thin layer of Aquaphor. Wrap the tattoo with clear Saran Wrap and secure with tape. This will prevent your tattoo from drying out and cracking overnight and will help from sticking to your sheets.

  5. Do not itch, pick or scratch. If scabbing occurs, leave it alone!

  6. It is completely normal for tattoos to peel, itch, scab and form small red bumps around the tattoo. You will more than likely be swollen and sore for the first 5-7 days after your appointment however if you have any questions, feel free to reach out anytime!

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