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What to expect 

Here is a few things to expect while making an appointment! Of course, if you have any questions past this, please dont hesitate to ask!

Due to a high volume of requests and me being a one man team, it make take a few days to get back to you. Please be patient! Thanks!

  • I require artistic freedom in my design process. I'm assuming if you're interested in booking with me, it's because you like my work and the way that I approach my designs. Please make sure that you are open to artistic interpretation and allowing me to come up with the best tattoo possible. With this being said, i absolutely will take your ideas and do what i can to make your tattoo dream come true.

  • Deposits are 100% non-refundable!  Your deposit is required to make sure you show up for your appointment in good health, good spirits and ready to get tattooed. Not only does this secure your spot but it also secures my design time. When booking, you are putting your faith in me to come up with the best tattoo possible, with this comes hours and hours of research and design work. Your deposit is your trust in me and in return, i will give you the best I have to offer.

  • All design work is done per appointment!

With how my schedule is set up, i design the night before and do not stencil until you have arrived and approved the design.

I do not send out designs prior to the appointment!

Any minor changes that need to be made will be made on the spot.

If you do not like your design or feel that major changes need to be made, your appointment will be rescheduled for a later date.

  • We have a set appointment time for a reason, please show up on time to your tattoo. I give a 15 minute grace period however if you are later than 15 minutes without letting me know, your appointment will be rescheduled and your deposit will be voided! Please respect my time as i will always be on time, set up and ready to go for your tattoo (with the exception of the final stencil after approval)

  • I do not tattoo over numbed skin! If you arrive to your appointment with numbing cream on, your appointment will be rescheulded and your depoist will be voided. There is a growing popularity in numbing creams, some artists dont mind using them however i have found that for me, it makes things worse. Most numbing creams will last for 2-3 hours giving very minimal relief and then after wearing off, the pain arrives exponentially worse. Along with that, numbing creams tend to make the skin very hard to work with and can lead to severe healing issues.  

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